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Anxiety Disorder Types, Symptoms And Its Treatments

Anxiety Disorder Types, Symptoms And Its Treatments

Feeling anxious or stressed out is quite a normal thing in today’s life, as everyone is on rush. Children are busy and stressed out with their academics and other curricular activities, adults are stressed out with their jobs, career, families and many more things. These days, it seems that being stressed and anxious has become a normal thing for all of us. Some people may even feel anxious and nervous while giving a public speech, or during exam and so on. But when things become too frequent and out of control, one should seek immediate help, as with delay it may take over one’s life.

Suffering from anxiety disorder is a different thing altogether. And most of the time, people ignore it just because of their ignorance or lack of knowledge about this mental illness. Yes, it is a kind of serious mental illness, which may aggravate further, if not taken care in time. Anxiety can be of different forms- phobias, social anxieties and panic attacks. But do not worry, it is curable, if being diagnosed in time and if goes through proper treatment. Several clinics have opened up where this kind of treatments are being diagnosed and then treated by specialists, like hypnotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, who practice therapies, like effective crystal therapy, etc. to cure their patients.Science is improving day by day, and with time, several types of therapies are being practiced by the psychiatrists and psychologists to bring back normalcy in their patient’s lives. Some of the effective treatments are anxiety hypnosis, therapies using crystals and so on, of which we will discuss later on. Let us look at the types of anxieties which many of us or may be some of our near and dear ones are suffering through.

  • Generalised anxiety disorder: In this situation, the person gets excessively tensed or worried about smallest of things, mostly which are unnecessary. They start doubting themselves, judge themselves constantly. People like these tend to fill themselves with negative energies and thoughts.
  • Panic disorder: In this kind of situation, people generally suffer from feelings of terror which repeatedly strikes them without any kind of warning. Besides this, some other symptoms include chest pain, palpitations, sweating, and choked feeling, as if they are going to get a heart attack or they will turn totally mad.
  • Social phobias: People suffering from social anxiety disorders are too much self-conscious. They tend to fear of being judged by other people. This mostly leads them to be isolated from social life.
  • Phobias: It means intense fear of specific things. It may be of height, water, darkness or anything.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

  • Sweaty or cold feet and hands
  • Sleeplessness
  • Feeling of fear, panic
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Numbness in hands and feet
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle tension
  • Breathing problem
  • Chronic indigestion
  • Compulsive disorder

Treatment of anxiety disorder

  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Medications

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Medical Services

Choosing A TMJ Specialist

People usually tend to check with a doctor when they experience pain in jaw. And finding a right specialist is always tough, as there are too many doctors that are available. The most severe issue that a person needs immediate attention is a TMJ, as it affects the jaw and the surrounding muscles. It needs to be fixed as early as possible, as it affects the daily simple tasks that a person performs.

Before finalizing the doctor to provide a solution for the pain, it is always advisable to take care of the below points:

Research: Always check the credentials of the doctor and his involvement and studies in this area. Do an analysis on the type of procedures and their complexities to get idea about his experience in jaw pain treatments. Also, try to check if you are able to find the doctor’s license and if he has any complaints against him for malpractices.

Certification: Do check for the approved certification that the TMJ syndrome specialist possesses and if he has any advanced certificate in the same field. Also, check his total experience and ask feedback from his patients, if this facility is available online through some forums.

Referral Process: With internet ruling the world today, reviews play an important role in any field. To check authenticity and if the specialist is capable of handling and provide an amiable solution, check with your own GP who could refer to some specialist in the area or can give a suggestion on the doctor.

Insurance Provider: Another trustworthy person that we could check out is the insurance provider, who can give us the list of available specialists available in the area and his rating according to the patients that he has handled. This information could help us to decide the best specialist that is present in the town and be assured that we could get a permanent fix for our problem.

Family & Neighbors: One could also check with his family members or immediate neighbors on the specialist that they would have consulted and they would probably either guide to a proper doctor based on their experience or find out from their peers. This way, there are chances that they will route us either directly to the specialist or to a physician who can guide us to the right source.

Finding the right physician based on your situation is tough, but by following the above steps, one could easily narrow down the options that are available in this area and choose the best so that his problem gets solved with the right professional.